Complete Set of 13 Specialist Technical Felting Needles Reverse, Crown etc

  • £9.98

Complete Set of 13 Specialist Technical Felting Needles 

Complete Set of 13 colour coded felting needles. Supplied in protective tube with colour chart.

6 x Triangular needles - These needles are 3 sided with 3 downward facing barbs on each side. They range in gauge from 19-46. 19 gauge (the beast!) is especially suited to larger projects and starting projects up to the ultra fine 46 gauge for very fine work and finishing.

2 x Twisted Triangular needles - 38 & 40 gauge - These are 3 sided with a twist which leaves a smaller hole making them ideal for smoothing. 

2 x Reverse needles - 36 & 40 gauge -These as the name suggests acts in the opposite way to normal felting needles pulling the fibre outwards. These are great for giving different textures and finishes. They also work very well if you intend to finishing a project using wet felt techniques.

2 x Crown needles - 36 & 40 gauge - These needles are 3 sided but are only barbed at the point making them ideal for delicate work and inserting hair and longer fibres.

1 x Star needle 38 gauge - The Star needle has 4 working sides so enables faster working

Please remember that felting needles are always prone to breaking. To minimise the risk always try to ensure the needles enter and leave at the same angle. These needles are extremely sharp so not suitable for children.