Make your own Christmas Decorations Kit

  • £21.50

This kit contains everything you will need to start needle felting and make Christmas brooches, baubles, Etc. Instructions; how to needle felt, using moulds, templates and 3D forming. Please note the finished decorations are not included.


Kit ingredients:-

The Wools:-

12 x Super soft Corriedale wool which are a great all rounder and come in a selection of brightly dyed Christmas colours. Corriedale sheep are a cross between Lincoln and Merino sheep giving the wool a natural thick feel yet retaining the super soft nature of merino. It therefore lends itself perfectly for needle felting and the sheep are happier too!

3 X Natural Un-dyed white wool. The naturals which due to their slightly thicker nature and natural oil retention are perfect for 3D animal projects such as snowmen etc.

1 X  Natural Un-dyed brown wool.

Altogether the kits contains a little over 100g (to give you an idea; the combined weight of the decorations pictured is a little under 30g)


The Rest:-

Protective real leather finger guards.

6 X Colour coded felting needles 2 x Fine, 2 x Medium, 2 x Coarse

Protective craft tube for needles etc

High quality dense felting mat 15 x 15 x 4 cm

3 X stainless steel Christmas moulds (patterns may vary)

10 X assorted jingle bells

1 X Embroidery thread skein, for hanging/mounting your creations.

2 X Brooch backings


 Made in Devon with love by Crafty Jam and happy sheep!

 Please be aware that due to the barbed needles needle felting is not suitable for young children

 We guarantee that we never source our wool from mulesed flocks (favoured by the Australian merino suppliers) as we believe this to be cruel and unethical. We like our woolly friends to be well cared for and happy.