Needle Felting Accessory Kit

  • £9.95

We have put together this accessory kit filled with all essential accessories. (please note colours of items will vary)
The basic kit contains-
1x Awl- These awls are a great addition to your felting tools and have more uses than you would initially think. They are great for:-

Inserting eyes, noses, beaks etc

Smoothing over your felties to remove needle marks

Holding small pieces (saving your fingers!)

Removing any vegetable matter (saving your more delicate needles!)


 length approx 10.5 cm
 maximum width approx 2.5 cm

1 x Needle holder (plus 1 free needle)- Cleverly designed smooth handled wooden holder that allows for the safe storage of 1 needle. Very handy for felting on the move!


Wooden handle length approx 7 cm
Wooden handle width approx 1.5 cm

1 x Leather Finger Guards - Real leather finger protectors, 1 thumb and 1 index finger. 

1 x Craft Snips - Whilst scissors will do the job, these little snips are so much easier to use. From trimming to sculpting these snips are a must have. 

We have also added options to add eye kits and/or a needle set

1 x Eye Kit - 3 pairs of black glass craft eyes for animals etc  2mm, 3mm, 4mm 

3 pairs of coloured glass craft eyes 5mm for animals etc  blue, clear, amber

50 cm of craft wire for whiskers etc.

1 x Needle Set - Set of 6 colour coded triangular felting needles. Supplied in protective tube. 2 Large, 2 Medium, 2 Fine

Made in Devon with love by Crafty Jam and happy sheep!

We guarantee that we never source our wool from mulesed flocks (favoured by the Australian merino suppliers) as we believe this to be cruel and unethical. We like our woolly friends to be well cared for and happy.