Crafty Jam Natural Dyeing 'Eco Egg-Experimenter's' Starter Kit, Egg Decorations

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Crafty Jam Natural Dyeing 'Eco Egg-Experimenter's' Starter Kit

This kit contains enough dye to dye numerous blown eggs. Each dye can create many different colours and effects using the colour modifiers provided creating beautifully unique designs. We provide all our dyes and modifiers where possible in  biodegradable packaging.
Natural dyeing is an artform in itself, this kit gives an opening to this fascinating art/science.

Kit ingredients:-

The dyes-

25g Madder root dye - oranges & reds
25g Logwood dye - blues, purples & blacks
25g Alkanet root dye - greys, purples 
25g Turmeric dye - yellows, oranges & greens
Colour modifiers-

Calcium Carbonate
Citric Acid
pH indicator test paper with colour chart.
Complete instructions and suggestions 

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