Crafty Jam Natural Solar Dye Kit

  • £24.45

Just add water, follow the simple instructions and let the power of the sun do the magic.

Kit ingredients:-

Every kit contains 

A re-useable jar made from recycled plastic
Potash Alum Mordant (used to fix the colour to the fibres) We use Potash as it is less harmful than cheaper synthetic alum mordants.
Re-useable muslin bags
Easy to follow instructions

Colour choices of 

Madder & logwood (Red/oranges & Blue/purples)
Logwood & marigold (Blue/purple & yellows)
Madder & Marigold (Red/orange & yellows)

All of our fibre choices are from British flocks and have been chosen for their ability to hold colour well. Choose from

Pure natural wool, Double Knit DK - Dorset Horn - 100 grams hank
Pure natural wool, Sock Weight - Bluefaced Leicester - 100 grams hank
Pure natural wool, Super Chunky weight - White Cheviot - 200 grams hank
Pure natural wool, Roving - Whitefaced woodland -  - 100 grams