Felting Wool - Enchanted Forest

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Needle Felting Forest Mix Ideal for 3D Projects. Felting Wool

Corriedale sheep are a cross between Lincoln and Merino sheep giving the wool a natural thick feel yet retaining the soft nature of merino. It therefore lends itself perfectly for 3D projects. This collection has 2  dyed Corriedale rovings and 3 dyed blended slivers which is slightly courser than a roving, ideal for creating textures and a variety of tones. We have also included an undyed natural brown and a chestnut merino.

Pack ingredients

1 x Corriedale Fur Brown Slivers

1 x Chestnut Merino Rovings

1 x Corriedale Leaf Green Rovings

1 x Corriedale Conifer Green Rovings

1 x Corriedale Light Moss Slivers

1x Corriedale Dark Moss Slivers

1 x Corriedale Black Rovings

1 x Corriedale Slate Grey Rovings

1 x Corriedale Storm Cloud Rovings

1 x Corriedale Lavender Rovings

1 x Corriedale Deep Purple Rovings

1 x Corriedale Ruby Red Rovings

1 x Corriedale Burgandy Rovings

1 x Natural Un-dyed Brown Rovings

A total of approximately just over 90g

Made in Devon with love by Crafty Jam and happy sheep!

We guarantee that we never source our wool from mulesed flocks (favoured by the Australian merino suppliers) as we believe this to be cruel and unethical. We like our woolly friends to be well cared for and happy.

Please note that we have tried to represent the colours as accurately as possible but there may be some variations.   This collection is hand pulled and never cut making it perfect for felting, spinning and many other crafts