Natural Dyeing 'Experimenter's' Starter Kit for Natural Fibres 150g, 6 dyes

  • £35.00

Crafty Jam Natural Dyeing 'Experimenter's' Starter Kit for Natural Fibres

This kit contains enough dye to dye at least a 150g of natural fibres eg wools, silks, cottons. 
Natural dyeing is an artform in itself, this kit gives an opening to this fascinating art/science.

Kit ingredients:-

The dyes-

25g Madder root dye - oranges & reds
25g Logwood dye - blues, purples & blacks
25g Hibiscus flowers dye - Pinks
25g Turmeric dye - yellows, oranges & greens
25g Alkanet root dye - greys & purples
25g Marigold petal dye - greens, browns & yellows
Mordants and colour modifiers-

Potash alum
Calcium Carbonate
Citric Acid
pH indicator test paper with colour chart.
Complete instructions and suggestions